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Hats to Show Love for Your Michigan Team

Do you love the sports teams of Michigan? Maybe you’re an alumni or a fan of the U of M wolverines? How about the Detroit Red Wings in the world of professional hockey? Don’t forget the Detroit Pistons! Regardless of which Michigan teams you follow, there is stylish head gear you can slip on to express your love for your team! Check out some ideas to get you in the mood for the next game.

The Wolverines of the University of Michigan

Express your love of the Michigan Wolverines with a trucker style cap in navy blue displaying the bright yellow M. The back of this adjustable hat is white mesh for breathability.

A Bucket Hat

An angler bucket hat is a fun option to wear to a U of M football game. This hat is navy blue with a large, bright yellow M on the front. It has a chin strap with a toggle you can adjust to fit the way you want. Snap buttons on the sides of the hat give you a different option in terms of style. Snap one or both sides to suit your mood!

Knit Hats

When the weather turns chilly, a black and gray knit hat is perfect for letting everyone know who you’re cheering for. This hat has a black pom-pom on top and a bright yellow embroidered M on its front for extra flair. It’s warm and fashionable!

Another stylish knit features a black and white pattern of stripes embellished with two bright yellow stripes. This knit hat has a black cuff you can fold up to your preference. The cuff displays the large yellow M of the University of Michigan.

A Navy Blue and Yellow Cap

Try this adjustable cap in navy blue with U of M displayed in bright yellow on the front along with University of Michigan written beneath it. Another option in this same style is a gray cap with University of Michigan printed in black on its front.

The Michigan State Spartans

Cheer for the Michigan State Spartans in a traditional cap made of Hunter green. The logo is embroidered in bright white on the front with tiny white stars floating all around as an extra fun detail. It's adjustable for your comfort.

A Fedora

A straw fedora embellished with a Hunter green band around its crown is an appealing option for either a man or a woman. The band has the Spartan’s logo embroidered in bright white. A wide brim offers protection from the sun’s rays.

The Detroit Lions of the NFL

Wear a cap in the same shade of blue as the Detroit lion mascot. On the front of the cap the leaping Detroit lion is surrounded by white stripes and stars of the Detroit city flag. This cap is stretchy and flexible so you can adjust it for your comfort.

Two Colors, One Cap

Another option is a bi-color cap that’s heather gray in front and white in the back with a matching white bill. A leaping Detroit lion in blue surrounded by heather gray stripes decorates the front of the cap making it a standout in a crowd.

Bucket Style

A bucket style hat in bright blue with a lively Detroit lion on the front is a stylish choice. It’s made of stretchy polyester and has a line of black trim. This hat provides protection from the sun’s rays during an exciting football game and is easy to clean.

The Detroit Red Wings

Are you a hockey fanatic? If so, try a bright red cap made of flexible, breathable material. The front of this cap features the Detroit Red Wings logo embroidered in white and red. This cap is adjustable and has a snap in the back for a secure fit during those exhilarating games of hockey.

A Dramatic Look

A white cap with the words Hockeytown and Detroit Red Wings in bright red on the front is sure to make a dramatic impression. The top of the cap has holes embroidered in red for extra breathability and style. This cap has an adjustable strap in the back complete with a snap buckle.

Knit for the Hockey Rink

Stay warm while watching the action on the ice with a bright red knit hat in a braided style. There’s a bright white pom-pom on the top along with an embroidered Detroit Red Wings logo on the hat’s cuff.

A Military Style Cap

If you want a cap with military flair, go with this one featuring a camo print on its front and bill paired with a black mesh back. The Detroit Red Wings logo is stitched in white and black on the front. It’s made of flexible, breathable material you can bend and mold to your liking.

The Detroit Pistons

If you’re into the Pistons and the NBA, consider a blue cap with a bright red basketball on the front inscribed with the words Detroit Pistons. This traditional cap made of breathable fabric is sure to become your go-to favorite.

A Patriotic Cap

Another option if you love caps combines red, white and blue in its design. A heather blue crown with the team’s name embroidered in bright white on the front. Beneath the team’s name is a bright red basketball. The bill of this cap is red as well. This cap is made of breathable polyester.

Knit for Basketball

If you want to go with a knit hat to convey your love of the Detroit Pistons, you can opt for one of bright red and blue. The word Pistons appears in white letters on the front against a bright blue background. A red and white pom-pom sits atop this knit hat. The back of the hat has the word Detroit in large white letters against a blue background.

Be sure to put on your stylish headgear for the next exciting game!

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