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Production of Critical PPE Equipment

Since its inception, Inkpressions has been a company that has not only been dedicated to giving our customers the highest-quality screen printing and embroidery products available in the State of Michigan, we've also had our eye focused on ways with which we can give back to the people and communities that have made us the company that we are today.

Which is why, in this time, we have decided to dedicate our time and facility here in Commerce, to the full-time production of critical PPE equipment.

With the COVID-19 crisis having taken over our lives for the unforeseeable future, our world-class designers and experienced embroiderers, have now began to produce high-quality 100% Cotton face masks with dual-filter technology. While our face masks will not be for medical use, they, and the face shields that are also currently in production, will be essential protective equipment for everyday people, who must venture out into the world to do things like buy groceries, or engage in a strenuous social distance setting.

For every mask sold, we will donate a mask to the MI Behavioral Collaborative.

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