Custom Hat FAQ - All About Custom Hats

Men's and women's hats may have gone out of fashion when it comes to daily wear, but there are still times when you want to wear a hat that shows your commitment to a team, a city or a cause. With a custom printed or embroidered hat, you can make a statement and look good doing it. Custom hats are great for company teams, work wear, family reunions, social groups and nonprofit organizations. Give everyone on your team a custom hat and they'll feel that they truly belong.

Where Can I Get a Custom Hat Made?

A top-quality printing and embroidery company is your best option. This type of business will have the skill and experience to ensure that your hat looks the way you want it to look, with vivid colors and straight, firm stitching. Look for a company that invests in new technologies and top-quality stitching. You don't want a cheap glued-on logo that will start to peel or lift off after a few days of wear. You also don't want one that starts to fade and lose its color. Keep your custom hat tight and bright with quality stitching. You also want to ensure that your printing is done on the best merchandise. At Inkpressions, we work with some of the top apparel suppliers. Our custom-branded hats, tees and other items are made to stand up to wear and tear, multiple washings and all kinds of weather. Why spend money getting custom embroidery on a shoddy hat? When you work with us, you get the best in terms of quality, printing and good looks that last.

Here's a rundown of how our process works.

You contact us and send us a copy of the design you want printed or embroidered. Choose the type of hat you want us to customize. Once the order is placed, we begin our professional embroidery in your chosen colors. Before we do a final run, we let you see a finished, pre-print design for your approval. You give us the go-ahead and we make your hats.

Where Can I Custom Embroider a Hat?

You can put the embroidery anywhere on the hat that you like. In most cases, especially if you're wearing a baseball-type cap, it's best to have your logo on the front, where it's more eye-catching. You can also add an extra logo or a smaller version on the back of your cap. For other types of headgear, it all depends on what works for you. People have used custom embroidery and prints on all types of hats including:
  • Beanies and pom-pom beanies
  • Bandannas
  • Sun hats
  • Baby caps
  • Cowboy hats
  • Trucker hats
  • Visors
You name it! If it's any kind of headwear, Inkpressions can customize it for you.

Where Can You Get a Custom Hat Made?

If you visit our web site, you'll see that we specialize in custom printing and embroidery. At Inkpressions, we offer:
  • Direct-to-garment printing
  • The latest developments in screen printing and embroidery technology
  • Ability to embroider any design of your choice
  • Customer service that focuses on you
  • Ability to create small or large orders

Why Get a Custom Hat?

Hats are still all the rage when it comes to personalized sports caps, work hats and hats that declare your commitment to a cause. At Inkpressions, we know that sometimes you just want to wear a hat that tells the world something about yourself. A custom hat with your choice of embroidery or printing is the best way to do that. We can take your design dream and make it reality.

There are a lot of great reasons to get and wear a custom hat.

  • Express your support for a team, cause or city.
  • Give everyone on your work or sports team the same look.
  • Create your own style statement.
  • Make it easy to tell who you work for.
  • Create a more professional work look.
  • Wear your fandom with pride.
  • Say "thank you" to your staff or colleagues.
  • Make your team stand out.

Where Did the Custom of Tipping Your Hat Come From?

Back when men wore hats regularly, there were very strict rules for how they put on and took off their hats in certain social settings. For instance, no gentleman would leave his hat on inside a home, church or other formal setting. Men were also expected to take their hats off in the presence of ladies. "Tipping" or "doffing" your hat was a way to express a polite, nonverbal greeting or other statement without having to take your hat off completely. For this reason, it was normally used in passing, on the street and in public places. When two men passed each other in the street, for instance, they would tip their hats to each other, much the way two strangers might nod and smile at each other today. If they knew each other, they would remove their hats, stop and shake hands. "Tipping" the hat was a shorthand version for removing it completely. A man would also tip his hat to: say "thank you" after asking for help or directions; say "you're welcome" to someone who thanked him; politely express his appreciation of a beautiful woman. There were all sorts of rules when it came to hat-tipping and hat wearing in general. For instance, a man never showed the inside of his hat, because that's what beggars and street performers did to ask for money. Hats have a long and fascinating history. To create some hat history of your own, contact Inkpressions today.

There are some great options out there if you're looking to design your own hat. Popular options include:

  • custom 5 panel hats
  • custom flat brim hats
  • custom fitted hats
  • custom dad hats
  • custom camo hats
  • custom 5 panel
  • custom trucker hats
  • custom bucket hats
  • custom baseball hats
  • custom athletic hats
  • custom golf hats
  • custom military hats
  • custom mesh hats
  • custom trucker
  • custom bucket
  • custom baseball
  • custom embroidered hats