Popular Michigan Shirts

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1 . Michigan Short Sleeves with "M"

This shirt, when it comes in a Navy Blue and with Bold, Yellow Font, is a complete Michigan Fan classic. Short sleeves are great when supporting Michigan in the summer. You can layer it with a thermal shirt in the winter to keep warm while supporting your favorite team. The white outlines around the Michigan name and "M" Logo make the yellow letters pop against the Navy blue color used as the background.

2 . Go Blue or Go Home with "M"

Stand out from the crowd with this Go Blue or Go home shirt. The graphics on this shirt will never leave anything questioning where your loyalty lies. To keep Michigan, 100% cotton based shirts, especially with screen print graphics, looking fresh and new, machine wash as normal, but tumble dry on low. Shirts like this are great, as they are not too fitted, but not too loose. The relaxed fit through the waist area, shoulders, and chest make this one of the most comfortable shirts you can wear.

3 . Long-Sleeved Fleece Pullover with yellow "M" Across the Front

When it gets cold outside, you can slip on this extremely comfortable fleece hoodie to keep you toasty. It’s perfect to have in the car, at work, or to take camping. The large yellow "M" easily identifies you as a Michigander who is completely loyal to your team. If you need some extra warmth while looking like the ultimate Michigan fan, this pullover hoodie is definitely for you.

4 . Do More, Say Less with "M"

Tell people to be productive and to talk less with this mouthy shirt that shares a huge statement. If you’re the kind of person who wants to give your team some good luck from the fan seats while spreading a bit of humor, a shirt like this would be a great gift for yourself or a loved one.

5 . Michigan Wolverine Camp Shirt


This amazing shirt is more of a Hawaiian styles. It features palm trees in an orderly fashioned that covers the entire shirt in a light blue/off white color while contrasting against a darker Navy background. A bright, bold and proud letter M is featured in the front of the shirt. The shirt is button up, with special detailing toward the inner neckline, which is reminiscent of Cuban guayabara styles. This short sleeved shirt features a pocket in the front, and the M on the front is a carefully embroidered fabric applique. The fun tropical vibe is the perfect way to show that your Michigan team isn’t going anywhere.


6 . Green Michigan State Spartans Sweatshirt

Fleece lining, screen print graphics and officially licensed, this sweatshirt shows that you are the most absolute hardcore fan of the Michigan State Spartans. Take your love of Michigan Spartans to a higher level when you proudly don this article of clothing. The crisp logo on the chest lets everyone know that you are all Michigan business, and that your loyalty will never go out of style.

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